Quit Sleep (Album 2011)

by Vokab Kompany

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Wake Up feat. Lincoln Parish and MC Radio Active H-More I ask, B-Just a taste, H-Give a little bit, B-Don’t grip or waste, H-Fill ya lungs, B-Then I hold it tight, H-Blood stands still let the heart go fight I, B/H-Take a hit, B-Be somebody, H-High at the top, B-Been a long time coming, H-Take the latter, B-Gotta shake the tree, H-Got a feeling you was always right next. H- Now what-what could it hurt-hurt, with that boost-boost, let it work-work, You got it but you left it now you lost it, I’m fascinated with that fly, That quick rush with a fix, Come on and gimme that high, Better take me higher before I melt that sky. Chorus 2x- H-We quit sleep, we quit sleep, B-and I can’t close my eyes, H-it’s all work and no play, H-we quit sleep, we quit sleep, B-don’t wanna miss a thing, H-It’s all work and now play, B-don’t wanna miss you. B- I’m avant garde they say I’m artsy like Andre, Spit that chirp-chirp till the birds get jealous, Un loco hombre, I aye ah ah aye, then lay these pipelines like a Saud,i I’m summertime in Alaska I last for months, Rays of sun make my clock skip a beat stunna, My sneaker drip run a, Kenyon marathon from the gun I’m a, Count sheep bleat box that’s my detox, Daydreams of my shears make they knees knock. H- Sky fast, leap life mass, Man like burn stand tall earn blast, I’ma burn cash, green feet fast, Run water cool down quench, love, laugh, I’ma arteest antique beat rider, Street team deep preach heat street fighter, Fist, firm to sky, my hand held high, Nasty, no sleep fast flowing dirty cheap. B- Lay in the wake that’ll work for a pray, To the day that stray and catch my 40 winks , When they drain my spine, They’ll find my hard drive has hyperlinks, One bite me thinks like, And sink ya pink till it tickles the center, A fight to the end type tenor, Temps your tantrum spun the run I done. H- Come on. Craft life the rhythm becomes a steady drop, Mind rest, I perk it like life’s a coffee shop, All work, sleep like a jerk, Play like a merry flow, vary like it’s ladadadada. Mc Radioactive- I heard that sleep is the cousin of death, well I’m the sun of life, We run the night, and walk where the thunder strikes, Plunder mics the hungry type, pillage your image, The beats are antique so my vocals are vintage, Incision listen envision this isn’t wanting or wishing, Itching to wake em up, baking stuff up it’s a kitchen, We call studio living, Loving the getting and giving, Crucified and have risen like I just got outta prison. MC Radioactive-Wake Up! B- And I can’t close my eyes, don’t wanna miss a thing. MC Radioactive-Wake Up! B- And I can’t close my eyes, don’t wanna miss a thing, H- It’s all work and no play.
Know Me Now (free) 04:02
H- My reach, so optimist, 8 arm plentiful bet it was so beautiful, Your reach, so pop for this, Got me my prime, I can write you in my rhyme, Lying if I ain’t said I’m flying on this, Signing on the same page you tried to enlist, Pass the blue rope acting like we own the place, Vacum up that red carpet trying to clean space, And we chase, in a maze, and a mice, and I might, in the light, we ignite, For the right type of typical product is so critical, Words gotta catch, beat got the physical, Lay smooth, lace it with a nice groove, Lace it with the bass and incase in within this mic booth, It's all heaters, changes like a creature, I can feel ya vibratin’ through the places in my speaker. Chorus 2x- B- And you don’t know me but I bet you gone be knowing me now, And she don’t know me now, now she know me, H- And they ain’t knowing but I’m knowing that they wanna be just like this, B- And you don’t know me but I bet you gone be knowing me now, B- I think she know me now, know me, H-And I’m knowing but I never thought you wanted me just like this. Just like this. B Grimey grimey, that’s where ya find me, Where the sheets get sweaty, the blind be, Sights seen, always on that green, Jolly olly oxen, freak until my eyes bleed, All bloody, memorized the book, Never had to study, never been a crook, But I’ve stolen, glitter and golden, Taken from the young and give it back to the olden, Ah ah Ah Ah, and oh she know me now, She got all fancy to see me, I guess we homies now, Ah ah Ah And she like the way my voice go, I told he la da dat dat hit the toy store, Cuz this is grown man, hair up on my chest plate, I got no times for games this is my work place, That’s when the earth shake, home court, whole state, We rally Cali from the border to the Gold Gate. CH 2x- H- Now I’m an everything getter the lateral takes flight, Wings like a bull be ready bring full, Fe fi fo fresh full of the best and yes it’s so simple bags packed bring ya mental, The night baller, wild a jabawokee, Shatter hits like hokey, punches part of the bit, watch me, Illuminate like the aisle on my air flight, Glare so tight you could swear I’m in a stare fight. B- And I, I think I just might, let my ship said guided by the north, And I, have set a course for, soar sews a source come ashore for the encore, You want more, what better way to make, salivate, wait, attack the basics, My lips, have failed, me vow bout nothing, We light this electric. CH 2x- B- She know about it in the daylight, She getting high to me, She only bout it when the fades right, She got her eye to me. (beat got the physical). in the daylight. (beat got the physical). She know about it in the daylight.
B- Artist of the stars, people of the sun, Gather round fire, fear thunder, bang drum, Circle the wagons and let the dragon light the night sky, He just a vagabond looking for a place to lye and rest, A half blood wild eye roaming bout the west, His dark leathered skin paints a crooked dusty brim, He double barreled best from his chest to his chin, Throwing caution give a fuck to the wind, Cuz he’s a gunslinger, He’s the last man standing, Clear the dust pay respects to your fam , He a gunslinger, He’s a one of his kind, A man of few words when he speaks then your ahh ahh. Bridge- Outwest, where sun never sets, There’s a new kinda crew tight (vokab), On the run so long forgot what day’s like Ghostride with them gunslingers. Chorus- Hey, eyes on that prize man, keep your steel close and hide your gold, Hey aye, eyes on that open range, you best break town man, we getting close, Ghostride with them gunslingers. H- An 808 breaks bust rattle the dust, Sand blasts through earth and we here to make the ground crack, But we here to make the ground shake, Look him in the eyes and the rest how the west won, The lead writes a little harder, Lead like the plate of amour, Red like the neck of farmers, Spread like the west started , Fed like we digest, Lies like a crows nest, Greens like we been dressed, Then rise like we wing blessed, Life is a blast, shoot straight from the barrel, And the lightning will pass, boots shake from the thunder, With the sun on our back we bringing heat to your bunker, Better form an attack or be beat by the drum. Tumble weeds, rumble we, trouble in them town streets Huddle deep, call the beast, beef baby gotta eat But I like this, Control, switch and go, Get cha flow, get cha ya coal, Get ya stole, right we roll Take your soul, out control Rally hearts, we hard serving up hits like the last outlaw, we out west. CH- Deploi- Gunslinger, desert rat like William Money, Unforgiven, feeling cloudy even when its sunny, Never shower, face scruffy & my boots muddy, Yeah I'm kicking shit like William Bonney, The kids gunning, Crash your table, brand your cattle with the posse's label, Burn your wagons, blazing arrows, pistolero's here to blaze ya, Kick like a horse huff, Competition ain't crooks, Here I got the dead mans hand, Who wanna take a look, Double Aces & 8's, Revolvers on my waste, Just like Wild Bill, I'll never got shot in my face, So back stabbers, plot & money grabbers, You best to shoot first
I I I feel the seratone, Draining out my spine, As I stare out the window, Been slow, so I gotta pick up, And own my anonymous, rattles in my cup, Till you can see me at my best, Definition of oh so fresh, If I cheat death for just another day, I can own the impossible, stare it in the face, Yeah-that's my cool, polar bear shhh, It was so froze up that it clicked when It hit, As of right now, got me beaming outta sight now, Fighting off the lasers from jumping up out my eyes now, Um hum, And when it bleed then, Um hum, Concede ya place in the world, Be but a blink then, Um hum, Ya feeling fleet, plant it, reach astro, And if ya star burns out then escape black hole. Chorus- These eyes, will take you away with me, Sometimes, I just need a taste, It’s no lie I, can’t fly but, I can take you to space, I ’ll design, a place to escape that we Reside, until it’s our pace to flee, A no fly zone, we still rise though, I can take you to space. H- Hello fascination, how’s my corporation, Can you see me glow when in space in your spaceship, Tell me can you tape it, I’d love to see you try, I like the way your pattern is come lay with me a while, City life so real, Illuminating all my citizen appeal, Wimbledon like swagger when I bagger, Just playin’ gal I’m flattered but I really dig your laughter, Let’s you and I catch a ride to the west side, Truth is I can set aside all the rest I, Been monogamy type livin’, Cause my age ain’t shifting and a part of me keeps drifting, And I’m, sworn too, Cut from the same just another plain cloth so I search like you do, Fun driven, finding it’s living, Always smiling in my fiction but it’s minor in the bigger vision, My incision, my birth rite mission, My god given god give me I deserve it intuition, Until then just a friend with a benny, She’s a 10 and she’s trendy but it end’s with the envy. CH w H- If I, could take, You to, My space, We’d roll with out, No home and we’d , Stay gone in the, Ozone and a. Bridge 2x- H- It’s so fun when it last’s and I, On a run through your past and ask why, Does it pain when they move so bright, Do they change in the rain when the moods not right. B- And now they always say about me, That I made the most of my time, I chose to spend mine carved out a place with my shine. CH w H- If I, could take, You to, My space, We’d roll with out, No home and we’d , Stay gone in the, Ozone and a.
H- I ain’t impressed nope, nada, So gimme the enchilada, The fire starter harder than sailing Spanish armada, Forgive me father, but i'm lifted to higher water, The liquid type lateral past, A fast launa, I me learner a back burner. The rap bugler, jack murder and fat burger, I like beef, bring it sing it I slice further, We the right type a worker your style is all gerber. And like I said I ain't impressed, this a grown up mess, I like a clean type scene my signals the bad best, I like less, so simple the last test, Man we all fresh, and we holding for top thresh. And like I said I ain't impressed, this a grown up mess, It be the right type of kick it we rip it with no rest, I like less, so simple the last tes. Man we all fresh, and we holding for top thresh. Sample Chorus- B- Paint a hologram of stamina contaminate and fleet it, Pleated against the grain with an animated clean slate, Leak the sands be that man made, brand plain, Same shiver on deliver run the river Lola run Lola run, When it’s all said and done, Take a blink while we drink from the sun, Jump shit then eclipse where it split watch the grain drip, Never clip ya wings a kind don’t fit, And if ya wonder we chant from the burning tree, Planted we the roots be tha proof there’s a higher be, Be high reach huge u the better man, Predict, inflict and beat the weather man, Off the grid, different than ya planned it, Ring the alarm yeah the rain can’t stand it!! And I can’t can’t can’t stand it, Grab light fight with a nighttime bandit Outro Chorus 4x- B-And I guess it’s true what they say H-And I said I ain’t impressed it’s a grown up mess B-In due time this too shall fade H-We be the right type a kick it we rip it with no rest
Bright Lights (free) 02:46
H- I seen her face from the back door, Held up cause she travels with her passport, She the type with the black hair brown eyes, Light style with a smile and a white lie, Bright skies so fly baby let’s jet, Times flies and I’m high ready get set, Fast track but I crack when her laugh stops me dead in my tracks, I gotta focus but it’s hopeless and my memory will level me, I’ll never see, she told me don’t work, But if me don’t work then baby we don’t work, And I know, there ain’t no one like you, And I never really got you, We never really laugh, you went to bed mad Wish I could bring it all back to the rush that we had, I guess you deserve better, so you left in a letter. B- And she’s so popular, I’m just a nerd absurd off the tractor, Actor, pasture plastered face to the wall, With a knack for the great and a taste for it all, And she’s so popular, In a case too small, broken, fall, flail, catch, bled, wrench, Break from the barrel, wait from the bench, Seize the sights, sigh, life, Take what I got make room for the sights, Bright lights, bright bright lights. Chorus- And she plays with my mood so I move when I melt in these lights, But it’s not my place to tell And we play with our mood So I melt when I move in these lights But it’s not my place to tell And she plays with our mood So I melt when I move in these lights But it’s not my place to tell These lights H- Bright lights, she make sense, Eyes wide nah she don’t flinch, Last call and I’m waiting it out, Last time had to wait on the couch, Wait for it and I run when she calls, Slow it down play it cool, don’t crawl Be a man with your hand on your heart, But you never had a chance it was gone from the start, B- As a matter of fact it’s much further, Much longer, from where we are, When your playing from the back and stacked where the bell cracked Dash like it’s forty, sorted, shorty, Call me when u get there, Call call me when u get there.
H- But But But I can’t quit, he can’t. But again I like it relax, And I write for the ride it’s exact, Let me make you bounce it right back, And da beat-beat boom and a clack, And I reach for the starts and attack, In street car riding your track, Wita a jet black vest and a phone tap, But a phone jack, show that they know now, And they got me zoned in my own style, Cut my voice in the hopes that drown out, But I pound out sound til it’s down in count but I count on the round on my route, And then we circle the wagon force, It’s harder lion roars, My music a quiet chord but we came riot more, The radio silence opens the air for a quiet storm, And no one ever scene a fire like this before, The burn or build or we better born on the shield, And the shadow opens they follow, we follow. Chorus- But again we like it like that, And we ride for righteous react, But the sound go pound on this path, And the ground go shake when we pass, But again we like it that, We hang round til it’s splatter tight, We pound on this path, And can’t get down till it’s sounding right. B- I rip it rip it I rip, venomous stick and stitch it (4x), I rip and split like a seem, Leave the scene so high I fight a nose bleed, No sheen no shear no gleam no shape, no grape, What’s eating Gilbert, These hills have eyes, they wet and set to pilfer, They bring the border to shade, until the water get grey, They raise the mast and gasp until they further away, They saying bye bye, then wave their flags high high high, We waiting patient complacent until our goggles dry. CH- H- The Right clips with the force to lift and make ya pace shift, Split let the source inflict I thrift spaceships, Joy ride noise, ride it into the ground, The sound pound like profound surround we hound bass camps. Silent voice speaks now burial aerial area stereo pillager, Serial loaded w/ literature, cylinder spinner, The Dillenger dark become the invisible, Visual vin the sweeter the gift. CH- B- Shot back, he stack, He that, he this, He trapped he pissed, He missed, he caught, Got sold been bought, Real hot, not yet, Been working coal mine, till he sweat bet, Done 9 times outta 10 first to wake last to bed, They said our airwaves are tapped, the voices static, Haphazard lights gallop, Trap our average conversation, Feat tactic trepidation, Big brodi know he where art thou, My desk tops the countdown, And by our music they find us, Would make Dr. Seuss rhymeless, And plug a constant observation Branding shields of our nation Radio silence big bang, Till I can’t take it. H- Laugh like you just seen a path in a rush, Leave your mask and discuss, Better pass on the bust, And I mastered the cut, But it lasts in the cusp, And I craft in the clutch and eclipse And I bust bust.
Now I’m a gangsta when I’m ridin my bike, And I’m a gangsta when I turn out the lights, And I’m a gangsta when I’m doing my thing, I got this whole city rockin like, whole city rockin like this, Struttin in her flip flops, Gimmie gimmie wait stop, Hit u wit da funk.
Kid Intro- Hi yo Chorus 2x- And I can see it’s so bright We hold tight, better the buzz in your blaze, We search and amaze with a smirk let it work in a phase, So Bright, solo light, so low fi. H- So Bright , solo light, so low fi, Sky like the fourth in the summer, Her feet whisper a smile the light lifts Her Sunkist’s will brighten your outfit, That outfitter, urban a style getter, Fun sunshade sun play on a Saturday, Splatter days ,shatter all that bad away, Eyes so bright bags packed gotta get away. B- Seems the further I step these days, Like the boulders just tumbling off me, Lighter load makes it easy to stray, Off the road with a stumble I catch me, Til I can finally say, My footprints fading from site, And all of my surroundings, A new to see it so bright. CH 2x- H- So bright, solo light and we hold tight, So bright, so low fi and we alright, So bright, solo light and we hold tight, So bright quiet the night and light up the sky. B- Summertime, Rings of fire light skies like the phoenix.
Chrous- She might be mine but she might not be here forever ever, She mine but she hard to find, She might be mine but she might not be here forever ever, For ever. H- Beauty rap, beautiful boogie to bap, Quick fast, boom-bap she sound, Thank you for coming and paying we’re playing tonight, And not for money ya sweet ya honey, Shake she fiend for gimme some more, Thicken up your dance floor, cuz she ain’t full, Side a ways sliding the side of your face, I see her lookin’ my direction baby bad is the name, Sad face why you frowning so crazy, Song bird, gotta take flight head home, Where you going I missing and wishing, A vision incisions so perfect I get it, I know you deserve it. Words work it I write it but it’s so hard to say, She taking flight and I follow for this to fly away, A sweet smell of her flesh for me to find, Incisions so perfect, I get it you deserve it. CH- B- Yo she got a strong jaw, She refined but she still kinda raw, It’s her flaws that make her unique, Scarred knees and a crease in her cheek, One of those that you can let alone, One of those likes to sleep with the lights on, And when they off, she long gone, Swiftly she to Sicily epiphanies scribbled like, Bridge- Never have I so ever surrendered this, I got that reason now and you’re not leaving now, Never have I so ever remembered this, I got that reason now and you’re not leaving now. CH- B-She’s so unpredictable, Like a flash in the sky before the dawn, She’s gone origins unknown, Somewhere tween the Greek and the Amazon, H- She kind of a sour subject, I bet it I’d be a little pist To figure I get it I plan to rest a bit, Not long, I gotta get up and work today, I’m searchin serving a circus for you to come and play, Follow words, talk quick so grab a pen, Paintbrush I blush painting your naked skin, Thin yes but enough for me to feel excited, Ya beautiful but your beauty is born I see inside it. B 2x- And I’m searching every crowd baby each and every day for a hair from your head or a freckle on your face, not a trace, then I awake, you at my bedside, unpack your suitcase CH She might be mine but she might not be here forever ever, ever
Chorus- Cause this is how you get a hit, Another, and I believe, You either listen or your gonna end up missing it, Another I can breathe, Cause this is how you get a hit, Quit Sleep, You either listen or your gonna end up missing it, Another I can breathe. Luckyiam- I took my first hit of weed in the seventh grade, Second page turned into a chapter, Brought laughter and a better day, Ditched class behind the Burger King, Murdering free style circles, When girls weren’t concerning me, Fast forward to a past that’s recent, Toured around the world and received indecent, Proposals, my vocals they grew on them locals, The independent scene it got put in a choke hold, It kept me hopeful they was feeling how we wrote, Then slipped up and seen me putting work up my nose Oh no, there he go trying to live like a rock star, But really was a rap dude this mission was not smart, His vision had lacked heart, got driven the back dark spot Hard to finish where you never shoud start, His vision had lacked heart, got driven the back dark spot Hard to finish where you never shoud start. CH- B- It started in an empty room, with a bottle and a tune on his lips, A dried up kiss on his cheek, See he was always told to think before he’d speak, And the fact that he’d been at it for a week, Added swagger to his speech, With a lather that was second to ah none to reckoned with, He was infected for the first time, On his 3rd glass of whine, At a party full of naughty he’d been at several times like. H and Karen Mills- More I ask, just a taste, Give a little bit don’t drip or waste, Fill ya lungs, hold it tight, Blood stands still let the heart run fight, Take a hit, be somebody, High at the top, but the long way ugly I shake the latter, gotta shake the tree, Got a feeling you was always right next to me. CH- Apaulo 8- You can try, but your never gonna take this soul, My eyes are closed and I'll survive, to the light, But I'm gonna have to bend my mind to the perfect rhyme, Working putting my time in, Staying in the grind, gotta get a piece of pie, Learning that it's worth it, g in a mic, Giving it my all and might, Controlling the beat with the b boy in me then relax , When u find your patience, the sensation will ever last, So fast gotta lock it in battle pose, Soul will rise find the feeling, soldier fight, So I hold this mic, like a pistol screaming. B- Street seek, we weak, we speak, follow creep creep, What we reap often bleeds till we knee deep, Retreat, repeat, receive, than we release, Till it seeps through the seams of my ceiling. Cause this is how u get a hit – Quit Sleep *All lyrics written and performed by Robbie Gallo aka Rob Hurt & Matt Burke aka Burky Baby unless otherwise noted.


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The new album from Vokab Kompany, Quit Sleep. Feat. Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant), DJ Vadim, Random Rab, Signal Path, Solovox, Luckyiam (Living Legends) and more!


released April 22, 2011

All vocals written and performed by Robbie Gallo aka Rob Hurt and Matt Burke aka Burkey Baby of Vokab Kompany, unless otherwise noted
Wake Up sound effects and verse 3 by RadioActive. Know Me Now vocal sample used from “Africa” by Toto. Gunslinger verse 3 by Deploi, additional vocals by Karen Mills. Unpredictable additional vocals by Karen Mills. Quit Sleep (DJ Vadim Remix) verse 1 by Luckyiam (Living Legends), Verse 3 by Apaulo 8, additional vocals by Karen Mills.
All tracks engineered, arranged, mixed at Virtuous Studios by Justin “Jay Wat” Watson for Jay Wat Productions & Robbie Gallo aka Rob Hurt and Matt Burke aka Burkey Baby of Vokab Kompany unless otherwise noted. All tracks mastered by Tom Gordon of Inspired Amateur Productions unless otherwise noted
Additional production as follows: Wake Up mixed & produced by Geoff Nigl (VK), guitar by Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant), violin by Spencer Sharpe (VK). Know Me Now produced by APLUS919 for The Marlion Group, original sample used from “Africa” by Toto. Gunslinger original production by Freddy Machete, remixed and mastered by Solovox. Take You To Space produced by Freddy Machette, guitar by Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant). Gangsterer Than Me mixed and produced by Signal Path. Bright Lights produced by by APLUS919 for The Marlion Group, additional keys by Geoff Nigl (VK). Radio Silence mixed and produced by Curtis Sloan of BLVD. Ridin’ My Bike produced by Mr. Ridley, vocal sample taken from “That Day” by Vokab Kompany mixed by Tom Gordon. So Bright original production by Geoff Nigl (VK) remixed and produced by Random Rab. Unpredictable produced by A-Plus (Hieroglyphics) and AAGEE for Compound 7 productions, guitar by Jeremy Holmes (VK), additional keys, mixing and production by Geoff Nigl (VK). Quit Sleep original production by Freddy Machete, remixed and produced by Dj Vadim, additional violin by Spencer Sharpe (VK).


all rights reserved



Vokab Kompany San Diego

"A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two Emcee’s who charge sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless…impressive and seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive." -Sam Dorman, NBC

San Diego band Vokab Kompany (Voted San Diego Music Award "Best Hip Hop" act 2011) has been gaining national notoriety ...
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