The New Kong

by Vokab Kompany

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That Day 03:57
CHv1 2x: That day I was working, heard me, searching, working, flirting started my converting, serving. Then we serving this life to that Ladadadat daIf if it’s worth it, baby try to surface, reverse ya search in verse and then rehearse itSwing for the chin spin sin a grin send, Spend them a whim blend bend which cha good hand, With ya other hand offer it around wave it in the atmosphere flaggin gods down, down here, It’s a fortunate place, with the grace of your face to take me on a chase to the end..a to the end of our dayswhere we spend…with every second we takewith all our friends,….we together, we together, This here in the present we be flying in the desert we be them,…a to the end of our dayswhere we spend…with every second we takewith all our friends…we together, we together, This here in the present we be flying into heaven we be “and we be” We be giddy giggy figgy imaginationaboard the nitty gritty plug our city to civilizationOn a vacation changing clothes in the parkI enlist this outfit and let it fathom my arkWe set our sails, gather hats and tailswe after what we after got a chapter here sellToenails, we digging in the dirt for what it’s worth I’m try to work and then I search until my feet hurtRoads and forks and paths a course, aboard abroad a war to solve.I’m trying to find my bird call We heading south for the winter I give it a good gotip toeing through this mess that we call homeWe set the motion, coasting as we going then we start our searching working flirting set it to converting…To that la da da dat dat la dad a dat ddat daCH:I keep my brim tilt side ride low low, gangsta seat kick back sippin hydro, dangerBeantown greasy green and white jersey see me on the back right, postin with ur girl so u know u better act rightFlippin dyno-kong-tastic, fist beattin chest bumpin life let me grasp itAsk it a question lesson testing my preppin my rep is peppin and stepping got people frettin connectin the dotsOoo laaa llaa llaa don’t stopwindy is the road ticka taken to the top beat drop dropBaby come cop a feel hit the spot spot both hands on the wheel for the funk.. a honk. honk., a beep beep,we some bad motha fucka’s when we rocking the streets,I got the funk, a honk honk, a beep beep,we some bad motha fucka’s, like bad motha fucka’s like 2x: Now I’m a gangsta when I’m ridin my bike (now that's gangsta)and I’m a gangsta when I turn out the lights (now that's gangsta)and I’m a gangsta when I’m doing my thing I got this whole city rockin like, whole city rockin like this!Now I’m a gansta cuz my cities a fresh of breath air don’t care I just flipped it, it’s dare…Forth coming, new sound with a marvelous talk I caught her strutting down the boardwalk lookin’ for that shore talkIntelligent and quick talk , baby be that hip hop, struttin in her flip flops, gimmie gimmie wait stop. Hit u wit da funk, honk-honk, a beep-beep, we some bad motha fuckers when we walkin the streets, now that's gangsta 2x: Now I’m a gangsta when I’m ridin my bike (now that's gangsta)and I’m a gangsta when I turn out the lights (now that's gangsta)and I’m a gangsta when I’m doing my thing I got this whole city rockin like, whole city rockin like this! And I been servin, and I been working, and I been searching this long way home.and I been servin, and I been working, and I been searching this la ditty dat dat daaaa *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
And then we kick in a clip full of flip fantastic I got that hand full of black-black magicI’m black Swissin’, white Swissin’ in them green AdidasI need a little lady with some green eye see ya’sI caught blocks of a party to rock, baby we bring it full circle like we satellite walkI’m sneaker drippin’ on my vitamin k kick, I slide into Asics and let the night of the day slip, Into that groovy body oozy she got a booty anonymous and cutie got a duty to make a movie, Get loosy goosey wit her juicy she sunshine, I’m trying to crash her walls I got her slippin on mudslides, slippin on mudslides-Sunsets be the reason gorilla season I’m leaking heavy breathing on this track wit a kong sequenceCH 2x: This is Sunday Sunday, runnin’ down a beach full speed down a one wayAnd you might find me back here one day, head bop knock rockin as I’m rolling down a one waySneaker drippin’ flippin’ my kicks off and switchin’ to flip flops we spittin’ this glitch hop, Jingle, mingle gangstas., Yo we the beat speaker bangers, head knock jock punk rock talk slangers. , Got that! We the shore posted move makers doing Capoeira on the beach (beat freak) Skata deet data deet when ya see that sweet peach walkin’ by, gotta little sand in ya eye, What’s a matter girl, were you crying are you tired, don’t wanna walk. Let me take ya on a ride up north, we can take a naughty little courseBack backwoods savage meets a dainty little course, call it nature nurture, wanna be the first ta, settle for a second place pace if I work ya.. Let me search ya, pat down frisky, baby gonna miss me, savor all the history I’m gone, traveling man no home, soothing out my puma’s smooth grooving to my own songCH 2x:2x: But I’m climbin’ the sun shining, we gotta move, gotta groove keep trying.Run away, gotta play, never been a better way, everyday levitate, generate a holidayUh, Tiny Tim on his way to the gym, weight workin’ and searchin’ bezerkin’ perkin on purpose a purple platypus peppin, I got a pack with a weapon, they call it stereo pimpin’, I got my sneakers they drippin’ I walk quick with out trippin’ I ‘m not trippin’. I walkin’ fast w/ out slippin’ I can’t slip, sneaker drip.Lace ‘em up and then match as a brash little brat pass with nappy ass hair givin whip lash A click back, tie knot , 20thousand yards pump-pump the yard with my funk, we tweakin’ tweater drunk, I’ll smash ya speakers punk, we getting’ sneaker crunk. *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
2x: W/ no lies where gods ’ll kick firesSome say the greatest flattery comes in the form of imitation did it my way.Styles change like the eyes of the blind they reflect the stress that lies beneath the surfaceKickin’ the dirt, fitting on making it workforming a permanent thirst following herds til the absurdsubsides in ya mind, ch-ch-changin ya stride5 feet further foresight starts to climbto heights ya never knew and hues ya never drewWith a brush ya touched but never usedTo sketch this, renaissance eclecticReplica, icon, contemporary relic, embellishShoot to get it I got it to give it I’m tryin to fit it I gotta get with it for which. Part of the pushin’ I’m feeling the rush a the touch soul of fire forgiven, desire Creator the maker I met her I took it now take and make it I felt the mistake of the messenger, As she is my witness I feel survival been running for miles a touch a the dial the change has now begunIt's passable when just a commonality But it's laughable when it's a lack of originalityTragedy, to copy another’s realityNever experienced- a grandly fabricated fantasyFallacy passed off on a technicalityA delusional mentality, born out of banalityGradually escaping the abnormalityThat's your humanity Conforms your false face to the crowds you see(k) CH: If You look u can seeIt's all the same peopleCarbon copy traced, just wearing a different faceAnd If look you can seeIt's all the same peopleIn the same places doing what they say taIf you look you can peepIt's all the same peopleRockin’ the same style, front to profileAnd If you look you can seeIt's all the same people 2x: Open your eyesYou might be surprisedBy the pattern and the repetition of the disguise2x: It stems from a lack of confidence & self esteemTo steal someone else’s dreamAttempt to try to be 'emAt least what you can gleanFrom the surface that you've seenThe fashion statement screamedThe truths less obviousThe flaws get covered by the shine and sheenThe gloss worshiped as the ends and the means and in-betweenThe contents a superfluous thingUnimportant in your limited scheme of being So now we go, to see the showThis Avant-garde, symmetricalFlexible facade, unethical regardto stretch about a yard with a camouflage barrage,And flashes of fashion that fasten their actionsThey ration their passion while they laugh and then they gasp whenThey entertain the masses, like cellophane on glasses They capture an image and distort it til it ccc-cracks itForced looks to book you, your souls cookedAll the same peoples just flashin’ like fast crooks (look)The good book I read it w/ lead hooks took notes from the pages the faces of man shookAn individual living amongst criminals quoted to keep it critical copied to walk a different tuneA mixed room I center myself certain A quick zoom I’m settin’ my scopes further CH: Some say the greatest flattery comes in the form of imitation did it my wayStyles change like the eyes of the blind they reflect the stress that lies beneath the surface *Written by Robert Gallo, Matthew Burke and Lateef the Truthspeaker. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
If I only had the chanceI could make you danceA melody a beat ringing ear from here to FranceChance no longer neededStand we so freeShe told me not to worry you're a star shootin’ stars fall CH; Look at me. I could be a movie starYou might see me ridin’ in a fancy carI could take u on a world wide flightfor you to love me but that wouldn’t be right and be right And look at me, and independent music starYou might see me playin’ in a crowded barWe could talk by the end of the nightfor you to love me but that wouldn’t be right A slice of my life now here’s that piece pie figure and wonder They say power comes in many so we triple our numbers, let’s walkLand of the free, home of the brave we gave, get grant a path and grow my seeds in the shade (so fly)Now look at me, I can be that movie starYa picture me with a camera and a fancy carThe fast life tryin to live my nineWe give lift not a god but a gift then the fog gotta shift so I thread through the mind in a time, designSometimes I try but I fall gotta crawl ‘for I walk came to find this lineSaw the soul in her eyes let it flash in the light as she speaks from the heart this timeShe told me that I was every thing she wants a flash flash in a camera w/ that fancy stuffFor me for sure enough’s enoughErupt, see what he does when he drops when he’s cutNow look at this, life is just a flashy star hanging from your handle bars ridin’ ‘til we can’t no moreCH: If I only had the chance, I could make you danceI’d serenade the streets from Japan over to Francechance no longer needed, We’d stand so free then trek it up to Tibet and to the Adriatic seaAnd flee from all our past, with a laugh and tap a the glassexploring this beginning our honeymoon would last,We got a path lets ride it tonight hold on to this whisper it’s our ticket, baby lets take a flight, We landed, to pose for these camera’s candida tantalizing fantasy with stands while we paint this canvassThen a hi-def with a low drag, combine our shines with our Vokabwe climb these shrines, define these times, rippin’ these spines on our notepad,yeah! So glad ya’ll made ittake a little rest I’ll explain it Whatever you want of this, hold ya breath miss, I’m a get this for youA rose by any other name is the same I’ll attain what ya want until you, till youlook at me and be rightCH:The crowds filled with people, the stage it is dark nowThe lights coming on and the mic is what we spark whileThey introduce our name and the first song it is startingThe people are jumping up and down, we are the artistsSo when you hear the music you be thinking ‘bout them videosThinking ‘bout them mansions and them cars who you kidding thoughEvery time we do it it’s the soul that be paying usYou can see it stand up off your knees start praying whatMusic’s what we givin’ so please look at meAn independent music star yeah real OGNot the OG gangsta, Ima old godLook at pyramids we built tem with the music it is hardThe hip hops what we given, You also see the livin’You also understand my religion we call that rhythm And teach to do it for the soul not for the lustAshes to ashes, dust is to dust *Written by Robert Gallo, Matthew Burke, and RadioActive. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
Mood Walkin 03:35
CH: 2x Rapid firecracker eclectic explosion switch Stupid pitter patter I’m tappin across your chest Well I walk, these days, just tryin to find my way to get back again baby Rapid firecracker eclectic explosion switch Stupid pitter patter I’m tappin’ across ya chest Erie sense of indie I’m banging ya head drums baby feel the sense of memory ‘membering where I come I’m that treble tyrant, talking my way to bass Rebel music to follow the final face I’m that ask why he did it, why he fast when he spit, why that bass stay infinite Burkey class ‘em a minute BB-Black rock city, sittin pretty, on the back of this art car nitty gritty Got a kitty cat scratchin’ my back, looking for the putty tat tryin’ to get a tap but I’ll pass listen to the rhythm in the distance, it’s a bass line thundering a sweet trance It’s a dancing anthem my spine likes, stripes of our life unite the hype late night CH: 2x Follow the noise, let that moon bling, music ‘ll set it off Wild vibrations, with my fire fly nation Its desire times patience w/ a wire frame casing Stand adjacent to your speaker, debate with your speaker My fate needs a teacher its too late beat creeper Got that, feelin’ the pressure to sin Drugs now, pity letting it all in Ignore this, let my eyes roll back Let the light move swift feel that flow smooth-quick Use this, quick use this 2x But we’re finding our way to another place Where we keep a steady walk to our melodies And the smiles are oh so free, and I’m finding you so unique CH: 2x Freaks are flying, frying in fiction, I’m feeling forces of forgiveness Forming fortunate visions, provisions It’s an incision, or maybe an illusion, it must be the fumes that’s consuming this groove in the humanist movement well, I’m under it’s spell once a lost boy coming outta his shell, fell outta sight, dapper adapted, rapid, rapid firecracker eclectic explosive. CH: 2x *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
CH: 2x When I say star we shine we shine, gonna put this glow into your body mind When I say sleep you dream you dream (we dream), you waking up to hear the sound of kings Never loose track traveling the road of the light Respect shines off you eyes like a mystic emerald tablet Table set down on a grave, eternal blaze fire water dive in, a kings not afraid Acknowledge beauty union and universal collective steam, Stream of thought you can freeze me never ask what I breath, go head, I build a bridge of the twiggs-sticks and memories Melodic exchange in an economy failed The trees are fallin’ all around me I can hear ‘em kinda sadly askin’ if I can help ‘em and that’s the truth So by the power invested in every sentence I’ve written relentless penmanship until its all in view Spiraling DNA strands, indigenous new lands no matter how rocky the path you know u can’t stand follow it but feel it you know it is so real so fortunate enough to have the signs revealed. CH: 2x My glow grows strong, unfolds it’s own poem, behold the new kong A throw inside ya dome or booth, aside this song for truth Ya find a bone to chew, if it’s polluted you pull your parachute and poof… Ya lit, illuminating drip, your actions fuel the passengers and passion on this trip, Dip dabble indulge, let it go, open up. There is nobody watching, stalking, cautioning to judge….and then ur lifted with the wisdom of infinite you ain’t never felt this way before, you’re taking place in a vibration you been chasin, grazin, ever since this world was born, open up inside…it’s feeling bring wow, we changed the design of our mind to fit our lifestyle, and yes it’s right now, so use that sight how, ever u can command that man within the light tower (come on shine). Ch: 2x The sunbursts upon the west coast light the unique Placing my diamonds in the black sky shine and repeat Kongzilla noise fillas feet kickin' like a track stars Memoirs attack bar, we musical fastcars. Back hard (so hard) Yeah I’m shaking ya base plates. Pulsate these primates, engage and then gyrate MMM MindStates, mines like a fine tuned roommate Consume wit a boom like birthrate Shake planet like a shift plate earthquake I melt ya face off with control of my space walk Eye of that Soul, B baby we bass box That komp is funk’n flippen fingers to forge fires For the fast I move wanna dance, improve and advance make room for the fourth eye Course I, talk fast but speech it just won’t last But I can slow it, I'm a poet. I, write in code then wipe my soul clean (gods whisper) Divine bling CH: 2x What’s a king sound like? I often wonder hear the sound of ancient spirits they a clap and make it thunder What’s a king sound like? The top of the tongue I’m talking reaching from the bottom of lungs Storms divided by the vibe of the sun, find the shine of bright minds lying high upon the mountain. A turn away, we’re holding on and I just let it go A poet told me to keep pure and keep it slow No matter if confused, off balance or difficult I often wonder what it is a king stands for And he’s equal to equal to preachin’ secrets in a series of sequels As sort of demi decent human amongst a steeple of people to reach you (2X) CH: 2x *Written by Robert Gallo, Matthew Burke and Souleye. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
Tap dancing on a sidewalk, into the parkThis hop scotch hip cat jumpin jack frostsummersault kinda guy, smackin high fivesswingin and singin and bringin natural highs it's the rideand we take it like we want, we run and we laugh and skip to beats all our own then we grown grown and there’s someone else beatsomeone else’s needs begin to compete for the peace that was our own, before you be knowin’the castles made of sand get turned into stonethe merry goes round and round she goesthe merry goes round and round we go she go CH: Merry go round, Merry go Roundround and round and… Flipping and feeling the kindness is killin’ my courseGimme that kick push forceGimme that good lift, moreBit of that good stuff, warmthAt 12yrs old a young bold kid sneakin’ to playRockin’ on the monkey bars smooching your faceTeen explorers heading towards home baseI’m countin’ bars n sugar coat ‘em, sweetie how do they tasteBaby phat shorty steelin’ my hatTryin’ to chase ya round that merry go, marry me here we goI’m so committed when it’s all so innocentAs time goes by it’s all irrelevant Baby steps tryin’ to follow an elephantEloquently helpin’ me yo baby you better meYou really got a hold of me, I’m diggin’ that energyLet’s build this life outta Lego’s and Lincoln Logs I’ll meet ya by the sandbox ya jumpin’ like leap frogEven as a youngy keeping it movin’I give that credit to my mama thanks for preachin’ to treat womanI’m double dutchin’ watchin’ life fly CH: Can see us, making late night tentsWaiting for the sun to begin its accent, to another dayPlaying games, we train our brain to live another wayThat life ‘ll mold ya, then scold yafrom chasin a ball, from cowboy’s to a soldier This story told ya’s bout dat bowl a porridgethat once was to hot now ya bought the whole fridgeThese circumstances we are bredI think I found the found the answer always been in my headThat State of mind where we never rewindWe shine like diamonds bathing sunshine CH: *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke, with additional vocals by Karen Mills and RadioActive. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
EnterAkShun 03:36
Pine berry and granite we gonna tip toe cross the planetSurf the barrel take the gravel through this canopy and canvassCheck the damage and the standard, Then reassess the plan tillyou figure out the action how to make the moment stand stillAnd through this careful interaction your surroundings starts connectingtil you stretch into this mesh of never ending endingsPa pa pa postitive reaction, can be passionate and lastingall the bliss you can imagine let it happenI hear u calling my name, feet slip like I’m runnin’ in rainI see myself in the mirror trying to cut up the painNow pardon me for stating fires it’s a part of desireTo party with the best and put the rest on stage like a choirSo I try and stay high with advice in my life but I fight with the dice trying to roll twiceAnd so it’s men into mice as I bend in this life but I tend to entice tryin’ to make nice.I’m molding clay into figure but figures disfigured is bigger and better I’m bitter this weather but whether or notCH: So we gather in the sunshine, waiting for the moonrise as we celebrate our lifetimes, then we staring out the window, listen to the wind blow, waving goodbye to the memories that go go.I got this knot, knot. Tryin’ to keep my life, life, gotta let this tension build, now let it all unwind. But I got this knot, knot, tryin to keep my life, life. Gotta let this tension intension, now let it all unwind.Practice putting perfect, work it out cha person, till the grass you see on all sides is so green and oh so fertile that it’s all worth the while, doubts turn into to prouds, frowns turn into smiles on the shroud of this newfound power. And through this careful interaction your surroundings starts connectingtil you stretch into this mesh of never ending endingsPa pa pa postitive reaction can be passionate and lastingAll the bliss you can imagine let it happen Now it’s the fire that’s hot, double-up build blocks smashing coal to make chalk I call that kettle black for what it is then burn up your spotFoot soldiers army and tanks, and ominous prank I’m bringing water to ya city like I’m swallowing saintsBut it’s life from the ground tryin’ to grow to the sky but it’s dirt that we all lie down in.So I’m planting my roots, my boots these rules build mountains.Trying to climb in a rhyme in a time when a crime and a man and his voice walk a thin line. And I’m a star in a sky full of sunshine CH:Illusions of congruence fine fine with the movement Loosing sense of self till you one with the musicAt last, for sure, it’s platinum-goldAn action packed aphrodisiac with a fractured plastic soulIf you wish then you been asking for that passion you been lackin’ gasp gaspin’ for that next breath, fiendin’ for that fresh scent I’m chasing giants and tyrants with science of silence its science and silence defiance is part of my auto pilotI see myself on a one way, with my memories as time unwinds into a new dayMy decision make that choice and own don’t let it stop it’s an option and they’ll often clone it.So sweeter this situation knowing that it is soon gone love it upon this now then awaken upon a new dawn. And then we staring out the window listen to the wind blow waving goodbye to the memories they go go…CH :*Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
Get Down 04:10
CH: Try to move get you up then ya drop (get down) Try and groove fire fuse make it pop (get down) I rock that fuse make it hot let it knock (come on) Now come and rock wit me say baby rock with me I breathe the pressure of the sun. Feel the sweat of the lesser one, invest in my time and bring my mind to your fire gun. Messiah zion. Siren the voice of a lion, 9 outta 9 times we fall down but keep climbing (But it’s electric lightning) I feel the pressure it’s exciting to inspire inner flight and turn my work into a fight Man it’s sober frightening. So delightful hold a light full of this soldier rhyming. Slow designing of a fold in time it’s so enticing I’m holding writing as my only form of vocal violence It’s social science and my only way to other climates I’m rising slowly o the top can’t you see I’m trying To turn this day into a way so you can find a line It’s every man for every plan I got a vote of silence Now turn these lights off baby can’t you see me shining (can’t you see me shining) I got that backpack full of that electric lightning. CH 2x: In my beatnik B boy Bikram I’ll stretch myself to the ceiling With a feeling of nostalgia lathered with a lasting healing Wheeling round and round baby go we go we go In a passionate dance between the wind and my echo And I’ve lost the imposter Green eyed monsta , Doppelganger brag bad boy body stomper The romper and rammer, Quick plan scammer Slick tick trickle trust fickle tongue stammer me never Full of my convictions, wherever Measured aphrodisiacs capture my endeavors And I’ve severed the ties, and weathered the tides I’m heading for the coast line jumping off a sky rise! CH 2x: Kings and gypsies metal and gritty I cop a gram of this mic shot I’m tryin to make your life rock Metal makers in the world of debaters so I rock like a crater sending shots through equators Keep your skin tight, When I move through a city like midnight. It’s a mess so I guess better bless with the best on a quest with a chest like a windpipe, I need that sign. Gimme that sign. I’m stopping time baby this is lifes design. Cast upon a fast track, With my back pack Got a notebook, In my knapsack Got a long stick , Where my sack sits Got a book in my pocket you might read it Bout this relevant, benevolent, Instrumental element Heaven sent brethren, To circumvent each circumstance with consequences detrimental monumental tension Universal constitutions to uphold their moral tension I’d like to mention, Apprehension runs real deep For Your wordsmith fine print leader of the sheep Rather sleep with my eyes stitched, And my fist clenched An Old school hybrid with new school ethics I get down! And then we knock like woah. (Uh Yeah). We came to rock that show. I get down! We came to stop drop roll I gotta hop-scotch stall ‘em with a rock flip flow *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
I gave a piece of my life. See here’s a minute in the day yo I found a poet in a women w/ stiletto’s See the drop on a petal Or a man filled w/ metal, from a war unsettled See a child in the ghetto But that parent can’t let go, is it fair is it better Should I read another letter, should I write another memo In the back of this limo, tryin’ to strike at the center Of this life that I entered As the right kind of mentor I can make your life better I can find you that answer Dance so I can find you that answer And now you see from the core of my soul with just a touch of this tone just to rock in your home (repeat) CH 2x: I’m a super fly flyer, fly’s up beside ya Fast w/ the feet for fact, flash and fire I’m a super fly flyer fly’s up beside ya Laps with the laugh and last lad to tire Well I’m a die high freak fly all night rider Eyes tight no I can’t come inside I stay dirt, all dirt No water, no shirt I’ll flirt and touch Silverback, draggin knucks Anything gonna gimmee rush Throwin’ u up unda bus, bus driva When I jump sky diver, free fall all day Type A spider, MAN man Who u think u be, I one of many, I drank too much but it feel so good, I thirsted 20/20 Been up new thirst, gotta go real quick baby try to find me, sideways, no sway straight lace swagger minded up all night full of fight got blind-ed by scientific diction spitten fiction space mad libben Pipe hittin’ rhythms, digital rhythms Bedridden rhythms, written folded and scribbled on I said it’s up to u to choose which piece of life u be shifting on I said it’s up to u to choose which piece of life u be livin’ on CH 2x: So here's a minute in the day of Wake up still buzzin off jameson Alarm clock screamin Cell phone ringing creditors callin Why I'm weeded? Now take this piece of my life I aint got no money and I got no time So my loves what I write & hustlins where my times spent 99 problems Like cops askin concent This is real no script Like bullets blazin outta barrels Hollow tips rippin skin And what u want u can get up in a heart beat Fragmented pieces painting pictures of the city streets SUPAFLY….now I’m a super fly fly From a pauper to a prince if it fits I feel it
Goin for gold bold magical livin/swimmin’ I’m living in this beauty given it’s driven CH: And we aint waterin’ down And we’ll smash your damn to the ground And we ain’t letting it go This whole damn spots bout to blow We gotta raise the fires, change their minds, We gotta take em outside and repave the lines And all the lies yo they bottling up The nautical the particle, b-burst my cup I search and increase, harness and release, intertwine my chi with the flesh of my peeps You see us beamin, reach 6 degrees in, every direction, smash the glass ceiling Brindge: We gonna try and find to get to live it And they we give it so we in it to win it We gonna try and find to get to live it Turnin gold to dust into dust We gonna try and find to get to live it I’m living in this beauty given it’s driven We gonna try and find to get to live it And they we give it so we in it to win it CH: Bizerk dirk ditty, forged in that city of dust That musical mush, that fusion of lust Land of a thousand ideas, designing to make the season a desert abyss, a blissful kiss A sinful wish with just a touch, a dish A mind altering wish, a mind altering shhh Now place that little purple circle on the tip of your tongue And digest this process and let the healing begun/began Man’s where I found it, sound and surround it A plan to astound confound all around me I’m finding and winding this path of mutation My purpose my patience, our workers our patients We owe ‘em we love ‘em, now give it up-up Bridge: CH: And we gone, we gone, we gone make that change 2x: Copestic telekinetic genetic medic, nomadic a manic addict, dramatic eclectic cynic and savage my habit challenge the average galactic balance I have it I thought I told ya CH: *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
CH: 2x Cuz we gon’ jam it all night From the sun to the stars We playing light, but we rockin’ it hard We makin moves let us show the way Now raise your glass to the night showin’ praise to the day Rock to the pop as I stop the flow She keep it hot when she bark as we rock that show She boom with a body and naughty party hearty She ladi dadi on a trolly in Bali this suni yoga sun swami This pretty flower I follow along the way Better words than I wanna say, wetter my tongue when it comes to the day Now hey wait, when it comes to bustin, Discussion has got me fussin I’m bustin but not for nuthin’, I’m lovin’ these lady luncheons and munchin on something yummy and scrumptious like fresh fruit she’s sippin on this smoothie while she’s twirling, unfurling her hair I’m fair weathered and feathered, I’m longevered ‘n gevity Song ever infinity, jaw jerry and jiggity She varies how she carry us, Aries and Aquarius, Her zen and I, like Gemini, antenna’s tunes to serious She satellite like a bat at night, back full o’ flight like Jimiriqui gibberish, this liquid language liquorish the taste that sticks to the top of your mouth and mmm when your ticklish Riddle this, invigorouse, we whittle this, this little-ist A little wish my fiddle fix we play from the fist for the little fish These little fish we digging this and we gone CH: 2x Bridge: I see the night turn into the day And when the night goes on we open up the door, Trying to get to heaven as we break into the morning Outside we jamming in the moonlight Sunshine creepin’ up the crest side Yeah, from the trees to the seas On the strings and the keys, explode on the scene it’s that vk team ya know what I mean Move shake makin’ it happen rap slap dapping and high five clapping low jack backing it up we keep it jamming all night with a full cup *Written by Robert Gallo, Matthew Burke and Shane Dolan (and Galen Gifford). All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009
That New Kong, bigger than lifeWhatever the river be sayin bringin the vision of wisdom And carryin livinsupporting a system of bliss wheregot a first full of fresh air, in a mist where, better take theirfaces and facts of our rational happs and the factual gaps in our actual pastwhen our present contrasts with a lapse in our reasonfor breathing believing conceiving a notionis poking it’s potion of hope in continuous strokes as it bolts towards the ocean, it’s not whats been floatin, , it’s soaked in the current, inherent a torrent apparent a source of adherent proportions that forces the persons who service to harness it’s portions and harvest it’s worth, till it’s course has run forth wit with the pur-purpose to to forage the earth 2x “with a first come-and a first first servebig big drum-wit a small small wordthat last verse is that he heard dat day dat day down der by the river…..” They found me deep with the Rio GrandeSurrounding pieces of this life confounding and vital, back and towards the mouth of the NileConnecting my brethrenmessages of a tidal proportionThey found me high above these mountain boundaries Surrounded pieces of the life I’m sound withUnravel, found him in the valley of Babel it’s battle this brethren better than the best of these 10 men. Yeah we 10 strong and flight flock, we came to make life rockHigh socks and block boots I’ll bubble your pot soupWe cookin’ up a cauldron leaving smoldering boulder bumping shouldering on to somthin’ it’s the funk that my families dumpinYeah we dunkin’ and double dippin’ with this venomous motor lippingmost of us got the vision only one of getting, kiddin’Kidding me this is family and fantasy finding meFinally got a rock to kick APOCOLIPSE POLITICS Finally got a clock to tick aint no fuckin stopping thisCoastin’ along the ocean of the blade that we parted with Flowin’ into the valley from the mountain that started it.They found us, we passengers we particle sound dustWe grounded dirty in the roots surroundedI said appointed, sittin’ in the Congo as kingsCrown upon the crest here to rest let us sing *Written by Robert Gallo and Matthew Burke. All Lyrics property of Vokab Kompany copyright 2009


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Kompany Kudos:

Thank you to all our friends, fans, and especially loved ones who have supported us through this lengthy process. Our work is now pulled out for all to see and hear. Dry paint, canvass unveiled. We hope you dig, spread, critique, love, dance, stand, walk, run, live, laugh, smile, and play frequently.

A very special THANKS to all our producers, investors, believers and featured artists lending us your talent for support. Respect.

An extra special THANKS to Tait Henricksen and Justin Watson without whom none of this would have been possible.


released October 31, 2009

All vocals/lyrics by R. Gallo and M. Burke of Vokab Kompany ©, Copyright 2009

All songs recorded and produced by Vokab Kompany at Virtuous Studios (Tait Henricksen) National City, CA Copyright 2009

Additional vocals/lyrics as follows:
Track 3- Lateef the Truth Speaker
Track 4- The Original RadioActive (Additional vocals by Deploi)
Track 6- Souleye
Track 7- The Original RadioActive and Karen Mills
Track 10- Deploi and Karen Mills (Additional Vocals and Beatbox by The Original RadioActive)
Track 13- S.Dolan

All vocal, instrument and beat engineering for The New Kong by Justin "Jay Wat" Watson at Virtuous Studios San Diego, CA. Additional vocal, instrument and beat engineering by R.Gallo and M.Burke.

Additional vocal, instrument and beat engineering as follows:
Track 1- Beat production by Freddy Machete
Track 2- Beat production by Dj Carlo / Remix by J Boogie
Track 3- Beat production by GrainTable/Chip Chop. Additional vocal engineering by Hednodic. Additional violin by Spencer Sharp (member of Vokab Kompany)
Track 4- Beat production by Freddy Machete. Additional guitar by Thumper Oakstreet
Track 5- Beat production by E. Marshal and J. Banning/2G Studio’s. Additional violin by Spencer Sharp
Track 6- Beat production by Phineus Maximus / Remix by Solovox
Track 7- Beat production by Verbz. Contains sample from artist James Brown. Additional violin by Spencer Sharp with trombone by Art Hafen
Track 8- Beat production by GrainTable/Chip Chop. Additional violin by Spencer Sharp with keys by Geoff Nigl (member of Vokab Kompany)
Track 9- Beat production by E. Marshal and J. Banning/2G Studio’s. Additional keys by Geoff Nigl
Track 10- Beat production by E. Marshal and J. Banning/2G Studio’s
Track 11- Beat production by Dj Carlo. Contains sample from artists Ghostland Observatory and Phil Collins
Track 12- Original track engineering by Atom Smith. Original Song, “In a Vast and Crowded Fire” by The Mutaytor from the album Yelling Theatre in a Crowded Fire.
Track 13- Beat production, recording and engineering by Buck "Bebe" Kidwell at Tigers Temple. Contains sample from artist Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Additional keys by Geoff Nigl.
Track 14- Beat production by E. Marshal and J. Banning/2G Studio’s. Additional trombone by Art Hafen with hand percussion by Cody Adams.

The New Kong album mastered by Tom Gordon of Inspired Amateur Productions, Reno, NV.

The New Kong logo and Vokab Kompany logo designed by Loverde Media

Album design and photography by Dirt Chylde Design

Road Management: Ian Xavier-

Executive Producer: Tait Henricksen

ConTact VK:
All rights reserved Vokab Kompany © 2009




Vokab Kompany San Diego

"A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk. You have two Emcee’s who charge sped-up lyrical flows; made to sound effortless…impressive and seamless synergy with their voices and their lyrics are playfully vivacious and positive." -Sam Dorman, NBC

San Diego band Vokab Kompany (Voted San Diego Music Award "Best Hip Hop" act 2011) has been gaining national notoriety ...
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